I am a self-taught film maker, like to work with an interesting concept, and go through high, low and no budget productions with the same enthusiasm. The latter usually demanding more effort creatively. I like making music videos, because of their ability to be fairly abstract and idea-based. Documentaries and moodfilms are always interesting for painting a sort of picture. I do directing, D.O.P. and editing.


In my photography I strive to create imagery that has layers and the potential to form stories in peoples minds by interacting with one another. A bit like the process of reading. Or dreaming if you will.
I like using available light and analogue lenses. This means I have to focus manually, which enables a certain concentration that is lost when just snapping away. For info about prints or commissions, contact me.

Graphic design

Having always been interested in all things visual, graphic design comes
almost naturally. From punk graphics at age 10, through window graphics
and graffiti to record sleeves, ads, t-shirts and books nowadays, there is alway something to design. Music has been a strong influence as far back as i can remember.